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"Home automation is for integrating all the technological systems of a building as well as to make them talk to each other."


Improve the quality of life and makes it comfortable, bright, confident and communicative each environment. Designs all parts so that each action can be performed with the same effort and simplicity, regardless of sex, age or disability of the subject.

It is an economic investment, it saves time and money. The installation of each system becomes easier and faster, also helps reduce waste and consumption and adds functionality to the systems.

It's an investment on health. Appropriate systems automatically detect gas leaks, short circuits, smoke, fire or flooding by acting specifically. During the hours of sleep, the bedrooms are completely isolated.

It is an security investment. A burglar alarm home automation has never turned off. When no one is home you can answer the phone or the intercom, as well as to control audio / video environments through our phone or internet.

It is a technical investment, home automation environments are predisposed to the future. A well-studied system is also able to adapt to a structural change or furnishing. Thanks to the programmability, through software and distance learning, it is possible to implement new features or modify old ones, also we are compatible to the future for new equipment.