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Many systems over a certain age need to be updated to technology market, for safety reasons, performance and production automation. This is derived simply from the fact that, as known, the mechanical part ages much more slowly of electronics. The high costs of purchasing new equipment, sometimes suggested a retrofit as a good solution.

Users often have difficulty with the technical assistance and especially the impossibility of finding spare parts as key elements for the regular work of their system. The retrofitting will establish in this way, a reliable reference value and peace of mind with our customers.


  • Depth analysis of machines and industrial systems.
  • Detailed quote on the type of operation to perform (even of a mechanic).
  • Drafting and complete wiring diagram upgraded on the principles and safety devices required by the rules.
  • Complete execution of electrical panels and on-board systems.
  • Testing of operation and calibration.
  • Technical assistance and availability to supply original or compatible spare parts.